All mail on this website is reprinted with the express permission of the original author, Gawd Almighty.  Although he hasn’t come into work for the past several jagillion years, he does get the papers and occasionally peruses the “Interwebs” as he calls them.

  Don’t let Him scare you too much.  Sure, He’s mysoginistic.  Sure, He’s got anger management issues.  Sure, He’s not always logical or even coherent.  However, as long as you don’t get in the way of His vacation, he can be a real teddy bear.

  If you have questions or comments for Gawd Almighty, feel free to write them down.  I’ll be happy to pass them along.

~Gawd’s Godless, Atheist Postman


13 responses to “About

  1. The All Mighty, One and Only GOD


  2. The All Mighty, One and Only GOD


  3. Grampa… what did I tell you about mixing medications?

  4. Just to remind you, The JEWS are the chosen ones and JESUS was Jewish!!! You damn commie!

  5. Awesome site! LMAO!!!

    Course I would think it is funny considering that I missed church because I was out practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian.

  6. Frogspond,

    I have it on good authority that all of Gawd’s former employees, the angels, are LGBT, so it’s all good as far as He’s concerned. As for witches, He’s read every Harry Potter book twice.

  7. Very, very good to see that God is out on vacation these days. I’m sure the old boy needed a rest, what with all the smiting and stuff.

  8. I repaired your post on my blog.

  9. I like the postcards, Gawd. I’m glad you started writing again, 2000 years is a long time to wait for a sequel.

  10. Sunnyskeptic,
    If by “sequel” you mean the bible, please don’t mention it to Gawd. It’s an unauthorized biography and He’s been trying to sue the authors for years. You know how these things go; some of it He wanted published, some He didn’t and He never made a dime in royalties.

  11. The Skeptic Blacksheep

    Very funny and very entertaining – the best method to get your point across. ;-D


  12. Wow. This is quite a bit of energy to pour into maligning God. I’d wager you’re angry with Him, rather than genuinely believing He doesn’t exist.

    • Golly… now that you mention it, that must be the case. I’m angry at God. And Santa Claus. And The Wizard of Oz. And, now that I’ve opened the floodgates, I’ve always been highly annoyed at the way The Roadrunner can defy the laws of physics, but Wile E. Coyote can’t.
      Damn you all to Hell*!

      * Which, obviously, I’m also angry at, since I claim not to believe in it.

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