Dear Pope Ratzi…

Somewhere In The Land of Evil Atheists

Dear Ratty,

  I was browsing the duty-free shop in Madrid Airport today and found Myself thinking of Nazis.  Then, for some reason, children.  The combination, naturally, made me think of child-rape; which, in turn, lead to you.  Then I thought how sort of ironic it was that thinking of Nazis, children and kiddy-rape would cause Me to think of My favorite Hitler Youth.  It was right then, and this is where it gets kind of spooky, that I spotted the attached music box.  I saw it and I couldn’t resist.

Wish You Were here,



7 responses to “Dear Pope Ratzi…

  1. Wow! I have to write today’s date on the calendar. Gawd and I actually agree on something. Yeah, F the mother F.

  2. Well, fuck me! That’s a fucking good song and Tim Minchin is a clever fucker. He should have kept Ratzi’s motherfucking hat out of it, though – I think the hat’s cute, in a fucked up sort of way.

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