God Can’t Come to the Internets Right Now…

  Gawd is in the middle of a particularly intricate stage of His vacation at the moment.  By this, of course, I mean the 9th hole at Augusta.  On top of that, due to personal and professional situations which, I’m certain, wouldn’t interest you in the least, Gawd’s Postman simply couldn’t be bothered to deliver mail, even if Gawd were writing any.  Which He’s not, so the point is moot.

  However, here are a few things that Gawd has mentioned He might fire off a postcard about.


4 responses to “God Can’t Come to the Internets Right Now…

  1. The 9th hole must be a doozy. As for Gawd’s postman, do you have some other job on the side? Does Gawd know about that?

    • Between you and I, yes, I do. But let’s not noise that about. Gawd is a jealous Gawd. And a vengeful Gawd. And a more than usually cranky Gawd if He loses at golf.

  2. So, Postie, did you drink “Ruskian” holy water and can’t deliver Gawd’s mail because you’re developing a personal relationship with the toilet?

    That job you say you have is in Russia?

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