Text Message From Gawd


postie quit screwing around with brand loyalists and deliver mail [stop]  hurry [stop]  have letter to send [stop]  wish you were here [stop] gawd [stop]


20 responses to “Text Message From Gawd

  1. Always good to know a little more about our resident Postman. You forgot to give your home address and credit card details, though.

    I really like what Demian’s doing with this series on Fallen & Flawed – it’s good to see Christians and atheists having a forum to engage civilly with one another. Let’s hope he does Phillychief next – that could be an eye-opener…

    • Oh, I’d gleefully read the PhillyChief post.

      As for the home address, that’s the Lost Baggage (Left Luggage to you) office of Grand Central Station. And not even Diner’s Club will give me a credit card.

      I like what Demian is doing, too… and not just because I’m narcissistic. While I don’t really get theistic commentors here, I know most atheist bloggers only ever see the ones who should probably be committed. It is nice to engage civilly, even if my default position is to make jokes about everything.

  2. Hilarious answers at the interview!

    Good to see that Gawd is finally catching up with technology and texting people, though it’s always nice (or not) to get a postcard.

    • Sure, He’s catching up, sort of, but it requires me to carry around a telegraph key attached to my cell phone, connected by thousands of miles of wire to Gawd’s identical rig He carries with Him.
      Typical of Him, really.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “preview”. Can you explain?

  3. Ah, BTW, do you think God would allow you to add “preview?” Or is that feature only available to WP paying customers?

  4. Please don’t ever [stop]

    • Ha! I think I’ll watch “Blackadder Goes Forth” again this weekend.

      If that was just a witty compliment and not a Blackadder reference as well; Thanks without my unasked-for weekend viewing schedule.

  5. Preview:

    When you post comments on my blog, you can preview your comment before clicking “submit.” But mine is blogspot.

    Athinkingman has a WordPress powered blog, and he was able to add a preview button next to the submit button, at my suggestion (what a controlling bitch, huh? I must be a child of Gawd)

    I find it helpful when adding html. I can see in advance if the link works or if it’s broken.

    But, don’t worry, if you are unable to add the option, I will just preview my comments at his blog, to make sure my links work fine.

    But if you manage to add it, I will harass Yunshui and Chappie about it.

    • Lorena,

      That sounds like a helpful sort of thing to have, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. As far as I can tell, there isn’t a way for me to do it. It may only be the WordPres.org blogs that can do that.

      • That’s OK. Sorry to bother you with that. I asked Athinkingman and he thinks that only self-hosters can do that. Apparently, a plug in needs to be installed.

        That must be way only people with their own domain like Eshu and Athinkingman have the preview feature.

        As I said, I’ll just type my html-ly comments over there and then I’ll paste it onto the WP blogs I post on.

  6. the chaplain

    Does Gawd twitter?

    • No, but some of His creations do. And the sexual beings even get twitterpated.

    • 12:33 – just woke up. the damned “escort” cleaned out My wallet.

      12:46 – ah, the first scotch of the day is always the best… except for the ones after it.

      13:12 – room service breakfast delivered to the pool. condor egg omelette and chateau lafitte rotschild.

  7. Hey Yunshui,

    Why not volunteer yourself? I’d love to see how you answer his questions.

    Maybe, he’ll change the questions and feature us all over again.

  8. I just read your interview, Postman. Great responses! I enjoyed learning more about you.

    I still love reading Postcards, and you’re still my favorite postman ever. 😀

  9. Thanks. I’m still unemployed and looking for work, but I’m very happy here.

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