Holiday Postal Service

Happy Turkey day

Happy Turkey day

  As Gawd is preparing for His cowpigturducken feast and getting comfortable in front of His 46′ big-screen TV, there is no mail to deliver.

  In the meantime, here are some things He is thankful* for this holiday season.

  1. Non-namby-pamby Christians
  2. People who aren’t afraid to take risks
  3. Early Prince
  4. Shoulders of giants
  5. Some place for a second chance if this whole Earth thing goes pear-shaped
  6. Himself and all He’s done for Him

*For a given set of “thankful”; list may change in size or content, dependent on family grief and overall tastiness of holiday meal.  Some restrictions may apply.


4 responses to “Holiday Postal Service

  1. Gawd’s TV is only 46″? Hah! I’m surprised he can see anything clearly on a screen that small.

  2. Ah, but it’s not 46″, but 46′. This is Gawd we’re talking about.

  3. Yeah, I guess a being as big as Gawd needs a TV the size of a barn.

  4. Just between you and me… not as big as you’d expect. Platform sandals.

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