Express Delivery


  Hello to the teeming dozens who have the monumental ill-breeding to read other people’s mail.  You are why I get up in the morning.

  As Gawd couldn’t care less who wins this election, He has given me the day off from riding to and fro across the world delivering His correspondence.  He was also kind enough to give me the address of that nice couple He spent the 4th of July with, so I’ll be watching the election results come in at their place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn tonight.

  Until Nov. 5, when we will have elected Barack Obama the first African-American president, here are a few things to while away some time.

  • Charles Darwin endorses Obama.
  • This new crop of journalists looks to be a breath of fresh air.
  • It’s a little-known fact that your friendly, atheistickal Postman stayed in school so long that he was able to cobble together two undergraduate degrees and the minors to go with them.  This is how he got the history minor.
  • If you’re in California and you don’t vote “NO” on Prop 8, this will happen to you.
  • BREAKING:  Drudge Report links to this, saying “Black Panthers block access to voting station!”
  • In case you’re wondering who is voting for McCain; it’s the Values Voters.
  • There are actually a few Christians a Postman can get along with.
  • Some of Gawd’s old classmates.

May All Your Election Dreams Come True,


P.S. – 11:00 PM Eastern Time:  Your election dreams did come true!


4 responses to “Express Delivery

  1. Ain’t life grand? 😀

  2. Other than the hangover, yes.

  3. I know that Gawd was obligated, officially, to remain neutral about the election. Nevertheless, I suspect that there’s a new spring in his step and a broader smile on his face today.

  4. Probably. No more daily postcards asking Him to smite all the foreigners and Keith Olbermann.

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