Dear P.Z. Myers…

George, is that you again?

17 May, 2008

C/O University of Minnesota, Morris

Dear P. Z.,

  How refreshing it is to find someone who has some regard for a deity’s hard-earned vacation.  If more people took your attitude, I wouldn’t be up to My neck in postcards I’m not going to answer.  Just between you and Me, if I get one more postcard from the White House asking Me to “smite” the 71% of your country who are evidently “godless, communist, terr’ist-appeasin’ doody-heads”, I’m gonna plotz.  Anyway, just a quick “thank you”, really.  I’ve got shuffleboard and a conga lesson coming up, so I’ve got to run.

Wishing More People Would Use the Magic 8-Ball,



One response to “Dear P.Z. Myers…

  1. midwest_survivor

    There really will be a lot of postcards on your mat blocking the door when you get back from your travels.

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