Dear Barack Obama…

Pandering is alright, I guess... if you\'ve got nothing better to do.15 May, 2008

C/O Obama for America P.O. Box 8102, Chicago, IL

Dear Barack,

  I wasn’t sure how to address you.  There seems to be some confusion about your name, and your religion.  However, I see that you’re trying to put the religion question to rest.  I understand that pandering is very popular with politicians.  To tell you the truth, though, we deities don’t much care, (with the possible exception of Baal).  When we’re not bored by religion, we’re embarrassed.  The great majority of us spend more time on vacation than George Bush, anyway.  We mostly don’t care who’s president, either, as long as nothing screws up our frequent flyer miles.  In any case, we never vote, (except Hades, who gets a kick out of voting the dead).  So if this “Faith.  Hope.  Change.” thing is for our benefit, don’t bother.  Go ahead and talk about the stuff that actually matters.

Wish You Were Here,



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