Dear Ronen Paldi…

Bible Park USA

14 May, 2008

C/O Bible Park USA, Rutherford County, TN

Dear Ronen,

  I was glad to hear that your Edutainment Theme Park, Bible Park USA, is “without religious ideology or theology and does not promote specific religious beliefs of any kind”.  Believe Me, it’s a load off My mind.  However, my lawyers; Fire, Brimstone & Wrath, LLC, are just a bit concerned that you seem to be referencing My unauthorized biography right there in the name of your park.  A less understanding diety, like my old school chum Thor, might point out that a theme park based on a literalist reading of a (again, unauthorized), religious book is ipso facto promoting specific religious beliefs.  Personally, I’m not that kind of deity.  I say, let bygones be bygones; especially as I’m on vacation at the moment.

  On the other hand, if you continue to use the name of and to promote this, (I really can’t stress it enough), unauthorized biography, I will sue your ass.

Wish You Were Here,



2 responses to “Dear Ronen Paldi…

  1. They get funnier by the day.

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