In The Beginning…

A Red Ryder BB Gun with a Compass in the Stock & a Thing Which Tells Time.

16 April, 1972

C/O Texas National Guard, Austin, TX

Dear George,
  I did get your letter and understand the keenness with which you want a red Ryder BB gun with a magic compass in the stock which always points away from danger.  However, (and firstly), I’m on vacation.  Secondly, as I’ve explained to you before, I am not Santa Claus.

Wish You Were Here,

With apologies to Banjo Paterson.


6 July, 1946

Bush Compound, New Haven, CT

Dear George,

  I’m deeply honored that you would think of me as godfather for your boy. I’m afraid, though, that if you’ll expect more than a fiver on birthdays and graduations, (and maybe not then), you might want to look somewhere else. Of course, it goes without saying that I can’t make it to the christening. I’m on vacation.

Don’t spare the rod,




2 responses to “In The Beginning…

  1. reversiblepanda

    Nice… was postcardsfromgod.wordpress taken? deusexeverriculum is hard to remember… why not called Myxispitilic.wordpress?

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